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Contact is a cloud-based Mobile engagement platform for creating rich media interactive services and scheduled marketing campaigns to be delivered to end-customer Mobile handsets.


Communicate is a Mobile platform which offers a full suite of flexible and intelligent APIs and workflow builder tools to implement mobile messaging within your business quickly and easily to deliver timely, relevant, personal mobile interactions triggered by your business systems.

Communicate provides powerful messaging APIs that are straightforward to implement and connect existing business systems with mobile messaging.

Our APIs can be directly integrated into your current systems, providing a straightforward interface that enables you to automatically send and receive SMS text messages whilst harnessing the power of the cloud.

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Why Contact?

Why Communicate?

The key to effective mobile messaging is integration to existing business systems.

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Mobile Automation Applications

Appointment Reminders

Missed appointments are costly for any business. Not only are resources wasted on the day, but appointments have to be rescheduled. SMS Reminders are an easy way to maximise appointment attendance.

Delivery Notifications

Missed deliveries are also costly and can be a source of customer dissatisfaction. Most customers simply forget delivery times, and SMS notifications are a cost effective way to ensure delivery success.

Booking Confirmations

Booking Confirmations by SMS are a cost effective way to add value to any customer making a booking. Links can be added to the booking venue / location for directions, as well as related booking offers.

Surveys & Feedback

Post event surveys are ideal for soliciting instant customer feedback and can be attached to special offers for incentivisation.

Loyalty Programs

SMS can be easily integrated into Loyalty programmes for notification of real time offers and other customer engagement.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication using SMS PINs is being used increasingly by many companies and brands with Twitter, Google and Facebook all launching SMS PIN verification in recent months to combat the hacking of user accounts and information.

Transaction Notifications

SMS can be used for many types of transaction notifications, particularly in retail finance, such as balance enquiries, overseas transactions and other account updates.

Policy & Contract Renewals

SMS is an ideal way to automate the renewal of contracts and policies with an end date. Simply SMS customers to notify them to renew prior to the expiry date.

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