Intelligent Call Services

Call Queuing

In order to retain callers and reduce their frustration when lines are busy, a Call Queue can be used. Calls are queued within the carrier network rather than on your phone system and lines, meaning that you don’t need expensive surplus lines on site to handle call volumes that only occur during peak periods. With network Call Queueing you have unlimited line capacity.

Call Recording

Like all services, Call Recording is a cloud-based feature that can be activated instantly on any number – even ported landlines, without any hardware installation. Fully scalable to any size organisation, recordings can either be downloaded or delivered by email or FTP. Call Recording is available on all inbound numbers.

IVR – Auto Attendant

This service adds an automated menu system to your number (press 1 for Sales, 2 for Customer Support etc.).

Area Based Routing

This service enables you to route calls to specific destinations dependent upon the geographical origin of the caller, (including both landline and mobile callers). You can easily set up a simple state-based area call plan in minutes or even manage a more complex exchange based or postcode based call routing system easily and quickly.

Conference Service

The conference service enables users to build a call conference in seconds, with customised audio announcements. Multiple Local (02,03,07,08) or International numbers can be pointed to the same conference to make the cost a local call to all participants, regardless of where they are calling from. Conference calls can also be call recorded.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of an emergency, Disaster Recovery can be used to divert all calls to an alternative line or call plan, quickly and easily either online or through the mobile app.

Online Call Statistics

An essential service for maintenance, monitoring and training purposes, Online Call Statistics provide invaluable information detailing everything needed for the efficient management of your inbound traffic. Scheduled reports can be sent by email at daily, weekly or monthly intervals. CSVs may also be downloaded.

Time & Day Control

This service allows you to route incoming calls to different destination numbers or call plans at different times of the day, or days of the week.

Voicemail / Out of Hours / Missed Call Alerts

This service asks the customer to leave a message during predetermined times or when your office is closed. If a line is busy / engaged, a Missed Call alert can be used to notify a manager (by email).

Fax to Email

As fax machines become less popular, this service enables your customer to send a fax which is then converted to a TIFF or PDF file and delivered to email or stored in a designated FTP location. You can remove the unnecessary cost of fax lines and fax machines.

Pre-connection Greeting / Whisper

A Pre-connection Greeting is a short recording which is played to the customer upon connection. It can be used to simply greet the customer or to give important information.

A Whisper can be used to notify the call recipient of the call’s origin. For example, you might advertise three numbers for three different products routing to a single line.

Hunt Group

A Hunt Group can cycle a call through all available lines until someone picks up (and can be set to cycle through different destination numbers at different times of day).

Multi-Call – ‘Ring all at once’

Another option within a Hunt Group, this service allows up to seven different destination numbers (landline or mobile) to ring at the same time until the call is answered. This is a cloud based service offering phone system-like functionality over a wide area, so is not restricted to a single location, as in a phone system.

Ratio Call Plan

An option within a Hunt Group, incoming calls can be routed to a pre-defined list of locations on a percentage share basis, allowing for call distribution to be weighted across multiple sites.

Mid-call Transfer

This service can transfer a call internally or from one type of line to another (landline to mobile for example). Enables you to transfer calls between sites without paying for the cost of a transfer or tying up your lines in the process. This also gives remote sites or even mobiles functionality as if they were linked on a PBX telephone system.

Display Number

This service displays either a caller’s number or the number the caller dialled. This is especially useful if you have multiple numbers routing to a single destination.

Date Exceptions

This feature enables you to divert calls to audio, voicemail or another destination on specific dates, e.g. public holidays.

Caller Exceptions

This feature enables you to route calls differently according to the specific numbers of callers (e.g. VIP or problem callers). Callers can be assigned to groups and each group handled according to your desired call flows.

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