Mobile Numbers

Mobile Numbers are virtual Inbound Numbers which project a mobile presence regardless of your physical location. This gives your business that local feel, as callers are calling a mobile number. Mobile Numbers can be directed to any answer point and come with the full array of call management controls.

As well as providing a mobile presence, mobile Numbers are charged at a mobile rate for the caller, inclusive on most mobile plans.

Enable your customers to make and receive calls or text messages through Australian mobile numbers, regardless of their device or physical location.

Virtual mobile numbers are optimised for use by contact centres, global enterprise and telecom service providers.

One number. Any device. Anywhere.

Offer your customers Australian mobile numbers that work on any device. With virtual numbers, no associated SIM is required. This capability enables many possibilities for enterprise mobility, Unified Communications (UC) and cloud contact centres.

Two-way calling and messaging

Provide your customers with mobile numbers that can support both calling and text messages. This is particularly useful for outbound contact centres, who may experience higher call answer rates by presenting a mobile number in caller ID, compared to using private or geographic numbers.

Inbound calling and messaging features can be configured for use with any SIP endpoint: landlines, mobile devices, UC platforms, communication apps and dialler software.

Configurable solutions

You can take virtual mobile numbers ‘as-is’ or draw on the wider product suite to create an end-to-end solution for your customers. Add-on data feeds as the basis for your proprietary analytics, or combine with SIP trunking and Call Termination for flexible global routing.

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