Inbound Number Management solutions

Comms Code delivers inbound numbers and cloud-based call management solutions to Australian telecommunication providers.
Our Number Manager platform is the market-leading portal for call management. Our easy-to-use app puts advanced call routing technology at your fingertips.

Call Management Made Simple

Graphic interconnected nodes, manage where to route calls with Comms Code Number Manager

Eliminate the hassle of complex user interfaces and technical jargon. Number Manager is designed to be as simple as possible so you can set-up and manage how your calls are routed.

We support a range of complex call-routing and management features, such as; network auto-attendant (IVR), network call queuing, call tracking plus many other advanced features.

Full Reporting

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Take the pain out of data with our comprehensive, in-built call reporting and tracking functionality.

Our real-time call status reporting allows you to monitor and react as needed, giving you greater control over your numbers. We also support scheduled email reporting for greater flexibility.


Graphic Comms Code Number Manager application

Put your brand front and centre. Number Manager is fully customisable, which means you have the power to choose which services and features you provide to your customers.

Comms Code Number Manager is fully white-label, allowing you to integrate your own branding and domain to make it your own platform.

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