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Graphic Comms Code Number Manager portal for inbound call management

Comms Code’s Number Manager is the market-leading portal for inbound call management – an intuitive and easy-to-use app that puts advanced call routing technology at your fingertips, in an extremely cost effective way.

Comms Code is a wholesale telecommunications service provider and communications software company that delivers inbound numbers and cloud based call management solutions to Australian telecommunication service providers on a wholesale basis.

Comms Code launched Australia’s first full feature inbound call management platform to be deployed within a tier one carrier network. The Number Manager platform is accessed today by tens of thousands of business customers that receive hundreds of millions of calls each year.

Number Manager provides telecommunications service providers with a powerful, fully white-labelled, cloud based call management application. Number Manager, accessed via a web-portal or mobile application enables our service provider’s business customers to create and control intelligent call plans in real time, with powerful features, such as; network auto-attendant (IVR), network call queueing, and network call recording, plus an array of other advanced call control features.

Comms Code deliver this innovative technology to enable our partners to provide leading edge inbound number solutions whilst focusing on their core business, enhancing the service they deliver through the use of this technology.

Service is key to our success, with the highest quality, consistent customer experience being our focus. Our personal Account Managers and Technical Support Teams are there to help you and your business succeed.

The Number Manager platform manages calls for over 20,000 businesses on its intelligent platforms, handling more than one million calls a day, for household names from across all industry sectors.

The benefits of working with Comms Code are clear


We have access to and can supply from over 10,000 new inbound numbers in Australia & New Zealand, so we’re sure you’ll find a number to suit your needs.


We have access to and can supply from a vast range of numbers from around the world, which means that you can make your business global.


You can manage all your numbers and call services in real-time through our award winning Number Manager web portal and mobile app.


Our intelligent platforms can provide number porting from all of Australia and New Zealand’s major network operators.


Our intelligent platforms can easily convert and port fixed landlines to virtual inbound numbers.


You can easily build and deploy simple or complex new call plans and call services in a matter of minutes.


Our platforms offer a wide variety of call activity reports, including live calls-in-queue information and scheduled email notifications.


Our phone-system call services are deployed from the cloud, which means no capital expenditure.


We offer full training and support from our experienced and dedicated Account Managers and Technical Support Teams.

Complex requirements, simple solutions

Graphic interconnected nodes, manage where to route calls with Comms Code Number Manager

Part of our approach is to completely understand you, or your customers, requirements and work with you to deliver a simple solution.

And Number Manager is such a simple app, you won’t have to be a ‘techie’ to be able to manage how, when and where your calls are routed to.

Full reporting

Graphic pie and bar chart

Whatever you need to know, our touch-of-a-button call reports can provide instant and valuable information about the calls you receive.

Quick info in real time and live call status reports mean you can monitor and react as needed or, if you prefer, scheduled email reports allow you to check campaigns in your own time.


Graphic Comms Code Number Manager application

Number Manager is fully customisable both in how it looks and the features and services it offers, which means you can white label it and promote it as you wish, with your own branding and domain.

Multi device

Graphic tablet and mobile phones with Comms Code Number Manager application on screens

Number Manager is all about ease of use and control at your fingertips, which is why we’ve been busy making it available across all devices, from Android to iOS, as well as any PC or tablet.

Front of house

Graphic Comms Code business development managers and pre-sales support workers

Business development managers and pre-sales support

Your BDM is there to help you get the most out of Number Manager you can, and help you get the most out of your customers that you can. Number Manager has a lot of options, but if something isn’t available then please ask your BDM about Comms Code’ creating something special, just for you.

Graphic experienced technical support worker with headset

Experienced technical support

Comms Code has specialist staff, including technical support that our customers can benefit from. All customers get full training on how to use Number Manager and ongoing support to stay on top of it too. But if you need a refresher, something extra or even some marketing collateral that might help, just ask.

In the background

Graphic stacked servers in rack

Robust and reliable hardware

Comms Code are specialist providers of inbound numbers and call management solutions. We’ve always invested in, hosted and managed our own technology to enable the management of more and more calls, 24/7, 365 days a year, hundreds of millions of minutes each year.

Graphic Comms Code telecommunications developer

In-house developers

On top of that, we develop software in-house that offers the best call management solutions available today, and instant access to flexible and innovative communication products. Comms Code has technical staff – designers and developers – who combine expertise to deliver these cutting edge but simple to use products.

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